Monday, April 20, 2009

4 More Days to Work, 5 Days Until the Screening...

We screen this Saturday, as you all surely know by now...

Here's what we're working on in the final hours:

Right now I am rendering out of Lustre, which is the program used to color grade the film. It's what gives the film the professional look. Lustre renders out the film by exporting each frame individually. At almost 24 minutes, The City of Lights has more than 34,500 frames. As you can imagine, it's going to take a while... [thus giving me plenty of time to blog while I sit here and watch it go...]

Brianne, our sound designer, is busy mixing the soundtrack. Yesterday, we received our final score from our compser - Karlston Yago. Now Brianne is busy incorporating it with all the other sounds she's been busy creating over the past week. Candace has been working with Bri in order to get the soundtrack to match the one she has playing in her head. Candace wants The City of Lights to feel empty, almost haunting at times. Other moments will feel warm and hopeful. It's truly amazing how much you can do with sound.

I've also been working on the opening title and closing credits using an application called Motion. Motion allows you to build visual effects [including titles] in a real-time format, making it relatively easy to assemble our long list of scrolling credits [this film had a lot of help, and therefore lots of folks to credit]. Those will get added to the project later on this week when we finalize.

So, 5 days until our screening and still lots to do... But don't be worried - we're not. After all, we learned to work well under pressure.

We hope to see you all at the screening. As if the film itself isn't reason enough to come, there will be a reception held afterward with light drinks and desserts. I hope you can all hang around after the screening to talk with the cast and crew.


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